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Infineon opened a new factory in Hungary to expand the capacity of high-power semiconductor modules and accelerate the transformation of electric mobility and green energy

Release time : 2022-10-08

Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. has opened a new factory in Zagred, Hungary, for the assembly and testing of high-power semiconductor modules, to promote the process of automobile electrification as the key to global carbon emission reduction. In addition, Infineon has further expanded its investment and increased the capacity of high-power semiconductor modules, which are widely used in wind turbines, solar modules, high-efficient motor drives and other applications, promoting the development of green energy.

Rutger Wijburg, chief operating officer of Infineon Technologies, said: "Infineon follows the development path of long-term sustainable growth. Driven by the trend of low-carbon and digitalization, the market demand for Infineon semiconductor solutions continues to grow. The Zegrad factory has made an important contribution to promoting the development of green energy, and the construction of the new factory will further help Infineon meet the growing demand for electric vehicle applications. Infineon began to invest early to promote the future development of electric vehicles And has become a key semiconductor manufacturer promoting green energy transformation. " There is no doubt about the development trend of electric vehicles. According to analysts' prediction, by 2027, all electric or hybrid vehicles will account for more than 50% of the total vehicle output.

Now Infineon has invested 100 million euros in the new factory, which has been supported by the Hungarian government. Tam á s Szab ó, executive director of Infineon Technology's Caigrad factory, said: "Infineon has developed in Hungary for 25 years. We rely on the local highly reliable industrial infrastructure to produce and manufacture innovative semiconductor products. Over the years, Infineon has gained a good reputation in the field of power modules and served customers around the world."

Infineon ranks first in the field of power semiconductor in the world, and has been committed to promoting the development of renewable energy and efficient storage and use of green power for a long time.

As a leader in the global automotive semiconductor market, Infineon is also a pioneer in promoting the development of electric vehicles. Nearly one out of every two electric or hybrid vehicles produced in 2021 will use Infineon's semiconductor devices in the inverter.

Infineon will recruit 275 employees in Caigrad. When the new factory is full, the total number of employees will reach about 1600. The plant began to expand its capacity in February 2022.