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STMicroelectronics' fourth-generation ToF technology is installed on some Lenovo PCs

Release time : 2022-11-18

According to official sources from STMicroelectronics, ST's FlightSense multi-zone sensor continuously scans the field of view, maps the scene and gathers intelligence without the use of cameras or images. By using ToF sensing technology, the sensor can detect and track multiple targets, and calculate the target's X/Y/Z coordinates and movement direction at high speed.

As a global technology giant and a world-renowned PC company, Lenovo is integrating ST's user presence solution into some of its laptops.

The latest VL53L5CP FlightSense multi-area sensor can detect 64 (8x8) areas within a 61-degree field of view, measuring multiple targets. Equipped with ST's proprietary third-generation PC-specific algorithm, Presence Premium PLUS, the sensor supports the sensor's advanced innovations and enhances data protection.

Ma Zhaochun, Executive Vice President, Consumer and SMB Notebook Development Center, Lenovo Smart Devices Business Unit, said: "Today's flexible mobile work lifestyle places higher demands on privacy protection and ease of use in order to maximize work efficiency. For this reason, we chose to integrate ST's cameraless ToF presence solution into Lenovo PCs. From hands-free login and device locking based on human presence detection technology, to swiping content using gestures, we are making Lenovo PCs Smarter and more adaptable.”

Eric Aussedat, executive vice president and general manager of the Imaging Business Unit at STMicroelectronics, said: "Our FlightSense ToF technology continues to unleash extraordinary potential, enabling innovative capabilities across a full range of smart products. The latest fourth-generation ToF sensor enables PCs to sense the user's presence. , bringing a more powerful human-computer interaction experience and making users feel value for money.”